As a Value-Added Technology Service Provider, we’re now offering digital archiving services in West Africa to support the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity efforts of businesses and Government Agencies.

More and more companies today are embracing document imaging and electronic document management technology. Glonetex Technologies offers affordable and efficient solution to your paper management challenges. We offer a simple and secure range of paper scanning services that will convert your paper into high-quality digital images and data which can be migrated into external applications and systems.

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The Digital Migration Process is Very Simple. We handle the complete Capture and Archival in a Seamless Flow. Enabling Business Continuity that can help your Organization take control of Internal Processes…

Our Business Model :

Our Archiving Process :

Benefits of Our Archiving Solutions:

  • Convenient Retrieval:   Documents are stored with the objective of retrieving them later whenever needed. Retrieving a particular document from the typically large volume of business documents can be difficult or even impossible unless a sound DMS is in place.

  • Cost Reduction:  In a paper-based system, paper, ink, file folders, filing cabinets, filing staff, and other requirements cost money. Good document management systems can reduce these costs by meeting all document-related requirements (outlined above) in a well-planned manner.
  • Improved Workflow:  Well-planned and efficient movement of documents can significantly speed up business processes and enhance their quality.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Government regulations require maintenance of different kinds of data and documents, and the requirements are often very complex. A good DMS will help ensure compliance with the rules, using such means as checklists, standard forms, and automatic organization.
  • Document Security: A DMS ensures that only authorized persons can access particular documents. Documents also need to be secured from disasters such as fires and floods. A good DMS can make it much easier to restore the documents in case of a disaster.
  • Version Control: Where different versions of a document need to be maintained it's essential to clearly identify the latest version, including the sequence of all the different versions in existence.