Introducing ID Kore™ Mobile Enterprise

ID Kore™ Mobile Enterprise is a cutting-edge mobile CRM & Check Deposit application designed to Financial Services providers to work more efficiently. The application includes an intuitive web portal enabling companies to have full control over Customer and Transactional information in real-time. The solution is a 100% On-Premise platform that enables our customers to install and host on their own network infrastructure. We employ this method as many financial services companies are conscious of consumer protection methods when it comes to electronic transactions being hosted off-site.

Let's explore some more features of this powerful mobile app:

Check out the Features of ID Kore Mobile Enterprise:

Unmatched Security

Mobile Enterprise uses several layers of security on our mobile applications ensuring that Customer and Banking information is protected at all times. We employ the use of biometric fingerprint and facial recognition as standard baseline authentications methods. Additionally our app also uses traditional passwords and PIN-code verification methods, giving you peace of mind when it comes to user application security.

Intuitive Dashboards

Mobile Enterprise includes dashboards for company System-Administrators, Sales Representatives and Customers. Each dashboard has real-time charts, alerts, notifications and the ability to chat with company support agents if there are issues to be addressed. The purpose of these dashboards is to give all user-types a quick look into their application activities.

Mobile CRM

Financial Services companies can utilize our app to capture New Customer Accounts and other Forms. We convert commonly used forms of financial institutions onto our mobile app and link them to Core Systems giving your Sales Force a seamless repository of data to process for new and existing customers. The ID Kore Mobile Enterprise web-portal also keeps track of mobile activities of the Sales Force outside the office enabling them to monitor form application activities.

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Enterprise includes a cutting-edge mobile check deposit tool that enables customers to scan single or multiple banking instruments at one time. The built-in OCR tool automatically recognizes MICR lines, Names, Amounts and Check numbers. The check is verified and the customer receives an image on the screen. The actual check data and image is securely encrypted and sent to the back-office applications of a bank or financial service institution for processing.

Credential Mapping

Credential Capture is another core feature of Mobile Enterprise. When a Customer downloads the app, they are required to register their biometric data and credentials. A credential may include a combination of Driver's License, International Passport, National ID Card and/or Voter's Registration Cards. The same in-built OCR tool captures the data from the ID Cards and automatically fills-in the data fields. In terms of authentication, a company can control whether or not a credential is needed before processing check deposits. If so, our app will run a forensic credential audit ensuring that the captured data matches similar records for future transactions. To learn more about this feature, Click Here.

Mobile Enterprise is 100% Customizable. We provide our clients with a Standard Web and Mobile Application enabling them to dictate the Process Flow for their Internal Purposes.

Most banks and financial institutions are moving away from Traditional Check Deposit methods. Why don't you? Our Mobile Enterprise solution can save your company thousands of U.S. Dollars in so many ways...

Traditional Check Deposit Mobile Check Deposit

  • Check Deposited at Banking Branch
  • Check Deposited on Mobile Device
  • Customer Spends time queuing at Bank
  • Check Deposited at the Convenience of Home
  • Checks are Verified by Individual
  • Checks are Verified Electronically
  • Credentials are Checked by Clerk
  • Credentials are verified Electronically
  • Average Process Time: 2 - 5 Days
  • Average Process Time: 1 Day

Return On Investment

Branding and Deployment of ID Kore Mobile Enterprise can help your company realize Rapid ROI on the following levels:

Mobile CRM

Banking Sales Representatives can work on-the-go and empowered by Senior Management to perform initial transactions for New Customer Accounts. Our system can be customized to capture credentials and documents directly from the mobile app. The mobile app can be scaled for mobile phones and tablets with signature capabilities. In the modern world, time translates to money. The ability to work mobile frees up staff members to work more efficiently with less company resources and book more business.

Mobile Check Deposit

The deployment of a mobile check deposit app can save banks and financial institutions thousands of dollars. Bank branches with heavy traffic can ease the burden on Tellers, enabling them to focus on other tasks and other staff members can focus on developing customer portfolios. On the Customer end, they will praise the efforts of Banks giving them functional technology that saves them time and money.



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