Your Business Can Achieve A lot With Automated Kiosks when Used Strategically…

Our result-oriented business solutions are offered across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Our kiosks are tailored to suit your specific business and industry requirements to deliver results that are of optimum value to you.Our kiosk solutions help you improve your efficiencies, gain a competitive edge and attain a distinguished position in the industry.

We can help you improve your management efficiencies and procedures by providing you increased control over your business. Enabling us to customize kiosks for your organization can improve various areas of your work including document management, data storage, communication, collection of consumer analytics, recruitment, employee training and so much more.

Explore our Kiosk Offerings…

Glonetex Custom Kiosk

We have many custom kiosks to accommodate multiple industry verticals. The custom units are built to your specifications and can support a host of web or mobile applications.

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Desktop Kiosk

The desktop kiosk is a great space-saving unit for businesses working within limited outdoor spaces. This unit has limited custom capabilities, but can support web-based applications, e-payment and customer service operations.

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Free-Standing Kiosk

These kiosks are ideal for heavy customer-centric areas including banks and commercial airline spaces. The Free Standing kiosk can be use as a standalone or mobile unit with wheels. Other custom features are available.

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Variable Height Kiosk

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Wall Type Kiosk

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Complete Kiosk Modules

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University & College Kiosks

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Travel Industry Kiosk Solutions

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Discover the Power of Mobility

Our Kiosk and Tablet Solutions work seamlessly with leading industry verticals…


Commercial Airlines use our use our custom Kiosk and Tablet solutions to improve ticketing, passenger check-in and CRM activities.

Banking & Financial

Banks use our Kiosk and Tablets to alleviate queues at banking halls and assist in conducing banking transactions.


Hospitals and Medical Centers use our Kiosk and Tablets to assist in patient check-in, booking appointments and viewing medical records at their facilities.


Insurance companies use our Tablets and Kiosks for branch and field service activities. Insurance agents can more effectively book high-level sales on the field using our tablets


Phone and Mobile service provides use our Tablets and Kiosks at sales offices to enable customers to view their account history, make payments and subscribe to extending services.