The deployment of a National ID Program can be challenging without middle-layer technologies bridging the gap. ID Kore Sync-Port empowers Governments to map data between

ID Kore Sync-Port is a robust data synchronization platform for Governments, Commissions and Agencies that issue mandated credentials such as National ID Cards, Voter Cards, Driver’s Licenses and International Passwords. The platform is designed to leverage databases of government and state agencies that issue such credentials for ID Verification, Job Queries and Criminal Searches. As a middleware tool, ID Kore Sync-Port uses proprietary SDK’s and API’s to generate search requests and verifications in seconds.

Key System Features :

Demographic Capture Module:

Sync-Port has database scalability for public entities that utilize a wide range of database platforms. The Demographic Capture module supports international regions and postal codes for dynamic recording of citizen data. Database fields for capturing demographic data are also editable, giving public entities flexible control over text.

Multi-Modal Biometric Capture

Using our APIs and SDKs, Sync-Port uses proprietary scripting procedures to enable capture and verification bio-data in different platforms. Sync-Port creates unique encrypted identifier keys that encapsulates a single record and creates a blue-print for multi-agency ID recognition

Birther Registration Module:

Governments can leverage Sync-Port to bridge the gaps between Birth and parental National ID records. Sync-Port includes a module enabling new-born footprints to be captured using mobile tablets. This tool is key to collecting accurate data from newborns from hospitals and midwives and synchronizing it with National ID systems.

Cross-Match Verification Module :

The Cross-Match Verification Module makes checking the credentials of individuals seamless for both front-end and back-office Administrators. With the click of a button, Government Agencies and Company Entities can Search and verify the credentials of an individual from multiple issuing authorities.

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ID Kore TM Sync-Port Also Includes:

  • Autonomous ID Synchronization
  • Business Entity Verification Monitor
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Document Agency Ping Tracking
  • Document Cross-Matching
  • Legacy Data Integration Toolkit
  • Local Government
  • Mobile Document Capture
  • OCR Document Capture