Signature Pad Technologies Can Significantly Improve Biometric Authentication

Our Automated Kiosk Power More Than Banking

We customize a wide array of automated kiosks for businesses, organizations and governments.  The kiosk industry is ever evolving.  Our kiosks are designed to ensure a high-level of process improvements are delivered at the customer and employee level.

Desktop Kiosk

Dual Screen Kiosk

Free-Standing Kiosk

We’re Proficient at Embedding Biometric Components in Kiosks


Biometric Desktop  Kiosk –
Model#: GNX7800

Customs eGate Kiosk –
Model# GNX1005

Slim-Smart Kiosks

Desktop Kiosks

Kiosk Q & A’s

What Operating System(s) Do the Kiosks Run On?
  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Linux
How long does it take to customize a Kiosk?

Kiosk Customization normally takes 30 – 35 for a sample unit. We recommend a sample unit before full production. In the case of full-production, our factory has the capacity to create 500 per month.

What type of components can be embedded on the Kiosks?

Bar Code Readers. Biometric Scanners, Cash Acceptors, Currency Detectors, Signature Pads and so much more.  Although kiosks have limited internal storage space, the components embedded on them can be scaled based on specific use cases.

How can Kiosks help my Business or Department?
Kiosks support many use cases.  For example a Retailer can use self-service kiosks for checkout in high volume areas. A college or university can use kiosks for students to get information or check grades
What’s the Average Cost of a Kiosk?

Our Kiosks range in price from $3,000 and up depending on the build and configuration.

Signature Pad Technologies Can Significantly Improve Biometric Authentication